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Pacquiao bares details on Mayweather phone call; does not agree on 50-50

Source : Dennis Gasgona,

MANILA, Philippines – Fighting congressman Manny Pacquiao said his short phone conversation with Floyd Mayweather Jr. covered two important points about their mega-fight: the revenue split and the fight date.

Pacquiao said in a one-on-one interview with ABS-CBN correspondent Dyan Castillejo that Mayweather contacted him through his adviser, Michael Koncz.
Manny Pacquiao (left) and Floyd Mayweather Jr. discuss revenue split and fight date.

He said their conversation lasted 3 minutes.

“Nagpag-usapan yung hatian. Napag-usapan din kung anong petsa (We talk about the revenue sharing. We also discussed the fight date),” said the Sarangani congressman.

Pacquiao said he asked for a 50-50 share of the fight revenue.

"Sabi ko aprub na sa akin ang 50-50, walang problema anytime. Nasa 'yo na 'yun. Maghihintay kami kung OK na sa iyo (I said just give me a 50-50 split in revenue and there would be no problem, anytime. It's up to you. We’ll wait for your answer)," he said.

Fight date

He also said Mayweather mentioned May 5, the fight date that prompted a Las Vegas court to move the start of Mayweather’s prison sentence to June.

Although he has no problem about fighting on May 5, Pacquiao said that a latter date will allow more spectators to watch the fight live.

“I think MGM o ibang arena will not be enough,” said Pacquiao.

He said a latter date, sometime in late May, will pave a way for the construction of an open arena that could accommodate more fight fans.

“I hope we will agree for that para marami ng taong makapanood (I hope we get to agree on that so more people can watch the fight first hand),” said Pacquiao.

Asked if he might change his mind about the fight date, Pacquiao said: “Depende ‘yun... by next week malalaman natin (It depends… we’ll know by next week).”


MANILA, Philippines – Floyd Mayweather Jr. is unlikely to give in to a 50-50 split of revenues with Manny Pacquiao.

According to a report by, Mayweather made a statement through ESPN that an equal share of revenue for the Pacquiao fight won’t happen.

“He asked about a 50/50 split and I told him no, that can’t happen,” the controversial boxer said regarding his phone conversation with Pacquiao.

But Mayweather said he assured that big money will come in for Pacquiao if he accepts the fight.

“What can happen is you can make more money fighting me than you have made in your career,” he said.

He also urged Pacquiao to take full control of his side of the negotiations and not leave everything up to boxing promoter Bob Arum.

“I also let him know I’m in control on my side but he needs to get on the same page as his promoter so we can make this fight happen,” said Mayweather.

Pacquiao earlier said that he received a call from Mayweather.

The Filipino boxer said that the 3-minute phone conversation covered discussions about the share of revenue and the May 5 date.

Pacquiao said the result of the negotiation could come out next week.

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