Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mayweather renews Pacquiao challenge on Twitter

Source : GMA News

American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Wednesday (Manila time) renewed his challenge to Filipino boxing icon and Sarangani Rep. Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao to face him in the ring on May 5.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account, the controversial Mayweather promised to give Pacquiao an "ass-whooping."
"I'm ready to fight Pacquiao 5/5/12...  Bob Arum know the date can't change, I have my guarantee... call Schaefer & Al and stop lying to the public," he said.

Schaefer refers to Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, who has represented Mayweather in past fights. Al, on the other hand, likely refers to Al Haymon, Mayweather's manager. 
He also noted that while Jan. 16 was the birth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jan. 17 is the birthday of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, "May 5th is Pacquiao ass whooping day."
On the other hand, Mayweather questioned critics who said at first that he was ducking the fight, and now saying he is begging for it.
"First They say I'm Ducking the Fight. But now it seems like I'm begging for the fight.. What is going on?" he said.
Last week, Mayweather challenged Pacquiao to a May 5 bout, but Bob Arum, Top Rank Promotions chairman and promoter of Pacquiao, expressed his desire for the fight to take place in an outdoor arena in Las Vegas, built for the sole purpose of the fight.

Such an arena would not be finished in time for Mayweather's May 5 fight date, but could raise as much as $30 million dollars more in revenue. 
Another issue preventing the fight from happening is the split of the revenue. In an interview with GMA News, Pacquiao expressed a desire for a 50-50 split of the purse, saying that if Mayweather agreed to that stipulation, "there will be no problem." 
Arum returned to the United States last Saturday, after spending less than a week with Pacquiao in the Philippines. The two have allegedly reached an agreement as to who Pacquiao's next opponent will be, though Arum has yet to disclose that information

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