Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tiger Woods' incredible backyard

Source : Shane Bacon Yahoo Sports

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods might not be teeing it up for the rest of the season, and yes, he seems to be falling down the rankings faster than the likes of David Duval, but that doesn't mean the 14-time major winner is going to stop plans on his $55 million house in Florida, complete with a four-green practice facility that makes most golf courses look like your local putt-putt course.

Photos emerged from Tiger's website, and his practice facility blows the likes of Rory McIlroy's out of the water, complete with different greens set for different winds and all types of bunkers to practice from.

It shows that even if Tiger isn't totally healthy right now, when he's ready to get back on the golf course, he will be well prepared.

Photos from all angles are after the jump, and trust me, it's well worth looking through, if nothing else to realize how great it must be to play golf for a living.

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