Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pacquiao opting fight vs.Floyd in Sept???


Source : Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao is not even concerned that Juan Manuel Marquez has decided against doing a fifth fight with the Filipino superstar.

Pacquiao, according to his business manager Eric Pineda, has not even discussed anything regarding Marquez or a fifth fight being eyed in September.

“Ni hindi pinaguusapan dito (It’s not even a topic here),” said Pineda of Pacquiao whose plan to stage a tune-up fight in April in Manila remains hanging in the air.

Marquez said the other day there is no point in facing Pacquiao a fifth time because he has already achieved the result he had wanted in four fights with the Filipino.

In case Marquez avoids Pacquiao, the fighting congressman from Sarangani can look for someone else to fight in September.

That someone else could be Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Pacquiao was in a meeting yesterday afternoon and is more concerned with the news of a huge fire that left more than a hundred families in General Santos City homeless.

Pacquiao had wanted to do a fight in Manila in April following his knockout loss to Marquez last December, but according to Pineda the boxer himself is still having second thoughts.

“Medyo nagbabago ang isip,” said Pineda.

Some say Marquez is just trying to negotiate and putting a price on his head for a fifth fight. But others think there’s more to that.

“Maybe Marquez is more concerned with the drug-testing procedure that will be in place in case a fifth fight happens. That’s what others say,” Pineda said.

Marquez knocked out Pacquiao in the sixth round last Dec. 8 in Las Vegas, but prior to the fight he faced a lot of questions that he’s into illegal performance enhancers.

The presence of Angel Hernandez in the Marquez camp also raised the suspicion because the former is the same strength and conditioning coach that once admitted providing illegal enhancers to certain athletes.

“It could be a reason why he doesn’t want to do a fifth fight. There will be random testing to be stated in the contract,” said Pineda.

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