Monday, January 7, 2013

Team Pacquiao mulls lawsuit on Dr.Rustico Jimenez


Source : AKTV
Manny Pacquiao’s camp is mulling the possibility of filing charges against Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines president Dr. Rustico Jimenez over statements saying that the eight-division world boxing champion may be showing early signs of Parkinson’s Disease.

“When Manny and I return from Israel, I will proceed to America and I will consult with our attorneys David Marroso of O’Melveny and Myers in Los Angeles,” said Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz in a text message to News5.

Pacquiao is set to return sometime next week.

Jimenez, a neurologist, had earlier called for Pacquiao’s retirement following his shocking knokout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez last December, but clarified that he never examined Pacquiao and that he simply made an opinion out of concern.

Pacquiao himself, in an interview with boxing website, said that he is 100-percent healthy following the normal results of a CT Scan in Las Vegas and an MRI scan at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center days after the fight.

His doctor Regina Bagsic likewise said in an interview with News5 that she hasn’t seen any sign of Parkinson’s in the boxer.

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