Monday, September 24, 2012

Mayweather not keen on new Pacquiao offer


Source : Philippine Star Sports

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao can’t have his way against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Just as news came out the other day that Pacquiao has agreed to a smaller share of the purse against Mayweather, word got out that it’s not going to happen.

Mayweather’s adviser, Leonard Ellerbe, told the Los Angeles Times that Pacquiao willing to accept a 55-45 percent share doesn’t guarantee the fight.

“Manny Pacquiao can’t tell Floyd Mayweather [expletive],” Ellerbe was quoted as saying.

Pacquiao also said he’s now willing to undergo random drug tests or blood tests, and he’s willing to do it even on the day of the fight when before he was not.

Pacquiao’s original stand was that blood testing can only be done until two weeks before the fight or 30 minutes after the fight.

Now the Filipino boxing icon is accepting the terms of Mayweather regarding the testing as long as he gets 45 percent of everything.

Mayweather’s offer to Pacquiao is $40 million but nothing more, meaning Pacquiao will no longer enjoy any share from the pay-per-view sales and other revenues.

“If and when the fight takes place, Floyd will dictate the terms,” Ellerbe also told The Times, meaning its Mayweather and not Pacquiao who will make the call.

If he gets his 45 percent, Pacquiao stands to earn more than $40 million.

Pacquiao is scheduled to face Juan Manuel Marquez on Dec. 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It will be the fourth fight between the two archrivals.

Yet it’s the Mayweather fight that people would rather talk about, and during the press tour for his Marquez fight Pacquiao bared his latest stand.

“It’s OK for me if he gets a higher percentage than me,” he told ESPN2’s “First Take” television program.

With the drug testing, which served as the biggest obstacle when negotiations for the superfight began more than two years ago, Pacquiao said Mayweather can have his way.

“No problem. Whatever he wants to do,” he told the ESPN show.

“No problem. Even the night of the fight. No problem,” Pacquiao said.

But Mayweather, according to Ellerbe, isn’t buying.

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