Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Experts urge Pacquiao to fight Bradley

Source : AKTV

While he doesn’t have Juan Manuel Marquez’s pay-per-view allure, Timothy Bradley has something that might compel Manny Pacquiao to pick him over the popular Mexican counter-puncher.

“Bradley is the better choice if Manny wants to rebuild and remain on track for a big-money bout with Floyd Mayweather,” said the fighter’s confidant Wakee Salud.

Salud said Pacquiao should “sacrifice pay-per-view” and instead train hard to pull off a sensational showing in a fight being penciled for December 8.

“Fighting Marquez carries a huge risk.”

Another key figure also shared the sentiment of Salud.

“If I were Manny, I would fight Bradley, who I think will get beaten should Pacquiao train very hard,” said Ramon Lainez, the analyst of the boxing program In This Corner.

“Marques’s style troubles Manny,” said Lainez, whose association with Pacquiao stretches back to the 1990s when Pacquiao was still training out of the fabled L&M Gym in Sampaloc.

Last week, Bradley appeared to be out of the running owing to his dismal pay-per-view showing.

But with Miguel Cotto, another candidate to meet peculiar, deciding to fight somebody else on December 1 in New York, Bradley is now back as a potential foe alongside Marquez.

Still, it doesn’t mean that Pacquiao will decide who among the two will end up earning a bonanza.

InterAKTV has learned that Pacquiao might even opt to remain inactive for the rest of 2012 so his planned showdown with Mayweather is not put in jeopardy.

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