Monday, September 3, 2012

Dwight Howard thanks Orlando fans

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Now that they’ve finally heard directly from Dwight Howard, the city of Orlando can finally put this whole Dwightmare drama behind them.

Maybe not.

In what is either the classiest or the most sinister (depending on your perspective) twist yet, Howard took out an ad in Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel praising Magic fans and the city he called home for the first eight years of his career.

It was a short but sweet wave goodbye, one that can be viewed in a number of different ways.

Here’s one: Howard is trying to do the right thing, however late it must feel to his critics, while also acknowledging that his time in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom was simply up.

And we have to commend him for a move that absolutely did not have to be done and probably won’t generate any warm and fuzzy feeling for him in and around Orlando, now that he’s officially with the Los Angeles Lakers. He didn’t have to lift a finger to say anything about the Magic, Orlando or the fans. He could have put that entire situation in his rear view and left the public relations mess for someone else to try to clean up.

But he didn’t.

And for that, (and only that) we have to give it up to Howard.

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