Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roach : Pacquiao will KO Bradley in later rounds

Source : ABS CBN Sports

MANILA, Philippines – Boxing coach Freddie Roach believes that his prized fighter Manny Pacquiao will knock the lights out of Timothy Bradley on June 9.

“Well I think Manny will have a spectacular win. The fans want to see a knockout; I want to see a knockout,” Pacquiao’s mentor said in Boxing Talk.

The American trainer said Bradley is an aggressive fighter who likes to go toe-to-toe.

But Roach said the reigning WBO welterweight champion from the Philippines is likely to stun a charging Bradley.

“Bradley is aggressive, he comes to fight and will be fighting until the end but I think Manny will catch him coming in, and knock him out in the later rounds,” said Roach.

He said Pacquiao is looking for a spectacular finish against Bradley, especially after the Filipino’s controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez.

“We had a bad night last fight and it does happen,” said Roach.

Roach expects the fighting congressman to be well motivated when they start training for the Bradley fight in April.

“He has made changes and got rid of a lot of things that distract him during training. Everything that he is doing right now is very good for his career. June 9th I am sure Manny Pacquiao will be focused,” he said.

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