Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pacquiao to Bradley : Be Ready

Source : Dino Maragay (philstar.com)

MANILA, Philippines – WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao and challenger Timothy Bradley met face to face for the first time in a lighthearted video shoot to promote their upcoming bout on June 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

A video leak of the shoot posted on YouTube shows Pacquiao and Bradley on the set with a green backdrop, approaching each other to pose for the traditional face-off.

It was a scene that is supposed to be a picture of tension for the protagonists of such a high-magnitude fight. Except that it wasn’t, as both fighters couldn’t control themselves and immediately burst into laughter.

There was another take of that particular face-off scene, and this time the fighters stood still, their eyes meeting for a few seconds, then faced the camera. Pacquiao (54-3-2, with 28 KOs) once again broke character and laughed, with Bradley (28-0, with 12 KOs) shortly following suit.

There was no hint of animosity between the two fighters, with Bradley even touching Pacquiao on the shoulders as if they were the best of buddies.

It was an opportunity for both boxers to size each other up. Top Rank photographer Chris Farina, who was at the set to shoot photos for the bout’s official promotional poster, pointed out Bradley’s physical superiority over Pacquiao.

“Timothy Bradley looks bigger and stronger than Manny Pacquiao. It looks like Bradley has the bigger muscles,” Farina said in an article by examiner.com’s Granville Ampong.

“Nevertheless, Pacquiao is more relaxed and ready to burst into smiles while Bradley looks confident and ready to fight Pacman anytime soon,” the Top Rank lensman added.

Amid the laid-back atmosphere of the video shoot, Pacquiao warned Bradley not to get too comfortable.

"Don't take this fight easy, just do your best in training,” the champion advised his challenger.

“Make yourself ready on June 9th," the Filipino added.

To drum up interest the pay-per-view fight, Top Rank has scheduled a two-city media tour starting in Beverly Hills, California tomorrow, and in New York on Thursday (Friday in Manila).

The promotional company likewise announced ticket prices, which will officially go on sale this Friday. Seats go for $1,200, $900, $600, $400 and $200.

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  1. Although Bradley looks bigger and stronger, I still bet for Pacquiao, and I think he can beat Bradley! This will be a good fight, a must watch event.

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