Thursday, October 27, 2011

FIBA Asia U16 2011 : Energen Pilipinas lost to Korea in Semis

Facebook page Smart Gilas Pilipinas, has been posting updates of the games of our Energen Pilipinas Under 16 National Basketball Team in Vietnam. Tonight was no different. Since it is a semifinal match, most basketball fans are aching to know what is happening. Especially the opponent is, SOUTH KOREA.
People who watched our Senior Men's National Team, Smart Gilas, melted down against South Korea in last month's 26th FIBA Asia still remember that painful loss. And honestly in my point of view, I want at least our boys get some payback.

The game was close all game. The first quarter ending in 21-19 in favor of Energen Pilipinas. Then in the second, our boys got into a scoring slump scoring only 8 points as compared to South Korea's 18 which ended the half at 29-37. In the 3rd, it was even with both teams scoring 21 points but still SoKor leading the game. In the 4th, it was a lock down. Both teams failed to score 10 points. Philippines scoring only 8 and Korea 9 and gave us the final score of 67-58. Korea advances to Finals to face China and both teams will compete in 2012 U17 World Championships. Philippines play for Bronze against Japan.
Our boys was led in scoring by RODOLFO, III ALEJANDRO and RENZAR HENRY ASILUM each scoring 12 points.

Korea got us again. This jinx has been existing for years. For as long as I can remember, we have beaten Korea only once [ in 2007 Jones Cup ]. And years before the 90's, I have heard stories legendary players like Jaworski facing Korean players in international competition. Who knows the head-to-head record between them. Our teams has always been competitive. Always have the talent. Despite giving up size, always had the determination. But Korea consistently finds a way to beat us in Asian Basketball scene, ALWAYS IN HEART BREAKING FASHION. Or it is our national teams that faced this Koreans finds ways to falter? Maybe they can't handle the heat? What ever the reason is, future National Basketball teams will carry more and more pressure to beat Korea in big time games. Philippine Basketball supporters, even for a little, would want to avenge loses of the past against this team. To add to this, fans in the country are very demanding and failure gets a lot of rants and blaming which I believe gives more pressure to the players [ it is impossible players would not know how fans feel, bad or good, with the help of the internet. Take the example of Kelly Williams who became a trending topic on Twitter after missing both crucial free throws in the 2011 FIBA Asia Bronze Medal Game].

Yes the number of failures against our North East Asian neighbor has piled up. When most of us have given up hope, I still support the drive not to only beat Korea, but to be Asian Basketball power. And there will come a day that somehow, our future National Basketball Team finds the formula and rise against the pressure and beat this Korean National Teams in big time games and be a powerful force in Asian Basketball. That is what I foresee.

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