Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arum : Floyd Mayweather insane

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MANILA, Philippines – Recent antics of Floyd Mayweather Jr. have prompted his former promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum, to question the boxer’s sanity.

Arum said Mayweather’s troubles, which included his legal cases, the spat with his own father, and even his tirade against his very own boxing promoter, are products of an irrational mind.

“I guess when you are dealing with Mayweather, you have to stop asking rational questions because maybe we are not dealing with a rational guy anymore. You just have to take it as it is,”  Arum told Yahoo! Sports.

Arum used to handle Mayweather until the two had a falling out over promotional issues.

Arum now promotes Mayweather’s closest rival, Manny Pacquiao.

“He was never the easiest person to deal with, but he was a different person really to what I see now,” he said, referring to Mayweather.

“All you have to go on is what you see and hear about him and the way he goes about his life. But it is very strange. It is completely bizarre some of these things that are going on. The things coming out,” Arum added.

Floyd’s troubles
Months before announcing his September 17 welterweight title fight against Victor Ortiz, Mayweather was charged for allegedly beating up his former girlfriend.

He was also charged for his encounters with guards securing their gated community.

While training for the Ortiz fight, Mayweather had a verbal tussle with his father, Floyd Sr.

Just recently, he also blasted Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) owner Oscar de la Hoya, who is promoting his fight against Ortiz.

“A boxer’s reputation is his own and you have to nurture it. He is destroying it,” said Arum.

“What about the recent attack on Oscar? Why is he attacking De La Hoya? He is not fighting him – he is his own promoter. What purpose does it serve?” he added.

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