Friday, August 26, 2011

Pacquiao tapped to promote Darts in the country

Source : Dennis Gasgonia,

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao’s iconic status will help promote the sport of darts in the Philippines, according to English darts legend Rod Harrington.

Harrington said Pacquiao, who now has his own line of darts courtesy of Target Darts, can influence his fellow Filipinos to enjoy the benefits of darts because they look up to him.
“If they see Manny Pacquiao do it, they will do it, and it will work,” said Harrington.
Harrington was a former No. 1 darts player in the world. He won the 1991 Darts World Masters and the World Matchplay in 1998 and 1999.
He said the sport encourages players to use mental calculations, therefore improving players’ mathematical skills.
Darts players are forced to do quick math because they need to add, multiply and subtract their scores while playing.
Harrington said that if Filipinos emulate Pacquiao the way football fans idolize David Beckham, then the sport will flourish in the Philippines.
“I think it will go brilliantly. I mean you’ve got an icon, like Manny, you know, he’s known worldwide. Everybody loves him,” he said.
Harrington added that a sport like darts is an ideal tool to educate the younger people because it is an enjoyable past time.
“It’s definitely gonna improve their mathematics. If you make education enjoyable, it will sink in more. It makes mathematics enjoyable if you turn it into a game,” he said.

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