Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anderson Silva fighting for legacy in UFC 134

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MANILA, Philippines – UFC's undisputed middleweight champion will not just be defending his title on UFC 134 – he will be defending his legacy inside the octagon.

"This is personal for Anderson Silva," said UFC President Dana White. "He's fighting for his legacy. He's never been beaten in the UFC, he's broken every record that we have."
The target on Silva's back has gotten bigger with every title defense.
"Every killer in the world is trying to climb the mountain, trying to get at Anderson Silva," said UFC commentator Joe Rogan.
On UFC 134, Silva will defend his middleweight belt for the 9th time, this time against Yushin "Thunder" Okami.
Okami was the last man to ever defeat Silva – the Japanese champion won via disqualification against Silva in 2006.
Although Silva is coming into the match as a big favorite – especially as the pay-per-view will be held in his native Brazil – he is not taking Okami lightly.
"I believe that Okami is going to come very well prepared," Silva told "I have no idea if he is going to stand up with me or try to take me down."
"One thing I can guarantee you is that I'm going to be well prepared, too," he added.
Silva said that he is expecting the Brazilian fans to be rowdy during the bout.
"Prepare yourself, because it is going to be rowdy. This is going to be a fight that no one should miss," Silva said. 

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